How we made blueberry into something fun (both literally and figuratively)


Polish Berry Cooperative, the largest blueberry producers’ association in Poland and one of the top brand strategy consultancies in Poland challenged Architects of Play® to come up with the concept of a video showcasing the idea behind the Berry Good brand. 

Out tasks

Find a way to encase the Berry Good brand in play

Carry out a DIY workshop

Co-produce a video documenting the event

The challenge

Founders of the Berry Good brand are parents themselves, and they appreciate the potential of childhood for the development of a young person. All the growers share the belief that positive feedback, learning through play, motivating, praising wisely and instilling the passion for development in children are extremely valuable. To visualize that idea and make a connection with blueberry in a short video was a big challenge for us.


The association of blueberry producers is distinguished by fresh thinking, collaboration and continuous development in growing, picking and instantly cooling down fruits (in less than 30 minutes) to ensure they reach the consumer as fresh as possible. But Berry Good is about more than just blueberries as a healthy snack. The name of the Berry Good brand reminds you how important it is to praise wisely and provide positive feedback to both children and adults, and have a creative approach to solving problems. Berry Good! Very Good!  You did a great job! Good thinking!

The solution

We felt it would be best to show the nature of children's creativity in action, and their relationship with parents and their reactions in a shared, surprising project. We got plenty of pinewood boards, hinges, screws, sandpaper and real cordless screwdrivers. At a forest location, children and adults got down to brainstorming. Children’s imagination went beyond any bounds. One idea chased another and it was evident that everyone had their own design in mind to make use of the bits of fragrant wood. It's amazing how powerful adult response can be at moments like that. By asking questions, being open to answers and expressing surprise and delight grown-ups can fuel creativity, strengthen the psyche, motivate and inspire children to explore the world. In an authentic, natural and honest creative process children and parents accomplished the project: they built a wooden laptop! In addition, a series of creative paper games was developed, with blueberries as the main theme. Each of the laptops was labelled with a blueberry sticker from our Berry Good toy factory.


With the DIY workshop, Architects of Play® showed the value that lies in bringing together the worlds of children and grown-ups. They also visualized the phenomenon of the creative process that took place during the DIY workshop, and the strength of the bond between parents and children formed through joint work. The video highlighted the concept of constantly ‘catching’ the kids doing something good and spotting the right moments to reinforce and build their self-confidence, making them realise they can have their own ideas and dreams which they can make come true. The play ended with the celebration of the ‘production’ success, testing the games, spinning the visions of future projects and gorging on the huge, delicious blueberries. The DIY workshop demonstrated the importance of early childhood and showed how to build the foundation of joy in children, develop their interest in the world, stimulate their passion to explore, be surprised, discover and socialize.

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